This trailer wiring kit and the instructions that come with it were created for the 2018+ Harley Heritage Softail Classic and Softail Deluxe. Because a plug-and-play connector is not available, this kit includes a set of low-impact Posi Tap connectors to connect to the bike's wiring. Unlike Scotch Locks that clamp over a wire and penetrate the insulating jacket on two sides, Posi Taps penetrate the wire jacket with a very small tip. When removed, the penetration point is nearly invisible.

In addition to the components, this kit includes Softail-specific installation instructions with pictures. A YouTube how-to video is also available (see below).

This kit is for trailers  having brake lights that operate separately from the turn signals. 

The plug to connect to your trailer is a separate item. These are not preinstalled because different trailer makers use different plugs. Not installing the plug also means you can adjust the harness to the exact length you want. You can find most popular trailer plugs here.

2018+ Softail hitch is here.

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