$5,596.00 $4,495.00

Get a great deal on this lightly used Time Out demo camper. Build date 5/26/17. The tent canvas and interior are flawless and still have some “new tent smell.” 

 At $4,495, this deal is $100 less than the cost of a brand new camper, plus $1,001 in add-ons. Typically a demo camper would be discounted just a few hundred dollars. This camper has some scratches on the top, so I’ve decided to add to the discount. These could be easily fixed, and the rest of the exterior is in very good condition. 

 The camper has several popular options with it including the aero cooler package, a swivel coupler, spare tire, camper cover and L-shaped awning. The spare tire, awning kit and camper cover could be taken out of the deal if you don’t want them. The swivel and aero cooler are installed.

Available for pick up in Fort Myers, Florida.

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$5,596.00 $4,495.00

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