Solid fender-style hitch for the original Honda Valkyrie. Triple-plated chrome. Looks great on the bike! Sweeps along fender to a removeable hitch ball in rear. All versions of hitch are the same. Different models supply different versions of hardware, depending on what type of bags are on your bike.

All hitches include directions and supplemental hardware when required. Made in the USA. 

Please use the form below to tell us what kind of saddlebags are installed on your bike (or if you have none).

This item ships direct from the manufacturer. Availability has varied over the past year. Sometimes it ships immediately, other times there can be a wait. If you have a specific trip planned, check with us before ordering and we’ll determine its current status.

NOTE: This hitch no longer includes the ball that you may see in pictures of the hitch or on parts lists. You can purchase a 1 7/8” ball separately, or add one to your order. Add Chrome 1 7/8” ball

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