Harley-Davidson Road King (FLHR) Motorcycle Hitch Options

The Harley-Davidson Road King has existed in one form or another for decades. Not that it was called that. You can trace its mechanical and visual origins back to the introduction of the big-framed Knucklehead and the first FL designation in 1941.

The contemporary Road King (FLHR) was introduced in 1994 and received its first major upgrade in 1999 when the Twin Cam 88 was stuffed into its frame. As far as Harley hitches for the Road King are concerned, this is where the story begins.

Because the Road King is a close stable mate of the Electra Glide (FLHT), hitch design is similar. The key difference is that there are some options affect the overall fender length of the Road King, which affects the model of hitch you want. So, given that, here’s the line-up of hitches for the Road King.

Hitches for Harley Road King – 1999 to 2008

The Road King hitch we offer for bikes from ’99 to ’08 is available in either a vertical receiver or horizontal. The biggest distinctions between the two are the orientation of the receiver, the amount of hitch that’s visible, and the price.

The vertical receiver Road King hitch design fits entirely behind the rear fender and is the least visible. When the towbar and ball are removed, there is very little to see of this hitch. This design is made by Hitch Doc, who mostly makes chrome hitches. Some might classify this as a “chrome hitch” but I hesitate to call it that. The only part that is chrome are two side straps that bear the tongue weight of a trailer.

If you have a Road King Custom or any version with a bumper or chrome rail under the fender, then you want to consider the Electra Glide hitch selection for your model year.

Hitches for Harley Road King – 2009 to 2013

In 2009, the Road King enjoyed a lot of tweaks that included updates to the chassis, an improved transmission, bigger power plant, and more cosmetic and accessory changes. These changes required a hitch redesign.

The Hitch Doc hitch for the 2009 to 2013 Road King is beautifully made; a heavily chromed vertical receiver hitch. The standard chrome Road King hitch is designed for a bike with no bumper and a fixed TourPak. If you have a removable TourPak, you want to specify the added hardware kit option (see the bottom of the order page).

Hitches for Harley Road King – 2014 to Present

In the 2014 model year, the Road King received a complete overhaul. In addition, new variations of the Road King offered the option to include the tri light fender extension on the rear fender. As a result, we offer multiple hitch options for the Road King.

Most Road King models have the standard rear fender. In chrome, we offer the HitchDoc model 15225 for the Road King. This is a beautiful US-made hitch with removable tow bar.

We also offer US Hitch model 10-120 for the Road King. It is finished in black powdercoat. This heavy-duty hitch also has a removable tow bar. It features ¼ and 3/8 cold-rolled steel material construction and has a tow rating of 1,000 lbs. You wouldn’t want to tow that much with you bike, but that just means the hitch is overbuilt for its purpose.) It also includes high-strength hardware.

In 2017, the Road King Special model debuted, sporting the tri light fender extension normally found on the Street Glide. For this, we offer the US Hitch model 10-220 for the Road King Special. It has the same features and ratings as the model 10-120 hitch but is 2 inches longer. It also has a tow bar with a 2” offset to bring the ball height to the same level as the standard bike.