Motorcycle Camping - The Best Season

Having sold motorcycle campers for more than a few years now, I know just about what to expect when I open my e-mail box on any given day during the year. When the calendar turns September I usually see a flurry of camper orders. And that's when I know that camping’s “second season” is about to begin.

I understand that. I have to be honest, I dislike camping in hot weather. No matter how much air I get moving with a fan, it’s still uncomfortable many summer nights here in the mid-Atlantic. I suppose a ride further north would answer some of those issues. Even if I’m pulling a Time Out camper with an air conditioning port, I'm still sweaty by the time I finish setting up at night or preparing to leave in the morning.

Fall, however, seems to be the perfect time. The humidity drops and, excepting the occasional tropical system, the chances of a washout are lessened as well. Cool autumn nights make time spent around the campfire something to enjoy instead of something you do out of a sense of obligation. Another bonus: after the kids get back to school, campgrounds and parks have almost emptied out. And let’s not forget those vivid fall colors that make every bike-and-background picture look like a magazine cover shot.

Yep, autumn is my favorite time to fire up the bike, camper in tow, and head for the hills. Then again, even if it's a little warmer than I like, any time I can get away for a motorcycle camping trip is the best time!

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