Motorcycles are complicated. Which means you may hesitate to touch the wiring system to add support for trailer lights. What if you blow something up? Melt something critical? Or worse yet, void your warranty? That could cost a lot to fix. Or, you could avoid all that with the ezCAN.

ezCAN is an accessory manager that plugs into BMW's CAN bus system, reading the computer messages being passed through the wiring harness. It is a completely invisible system. Your bike has no idea it is connected. If something happens in the wiring on the trailer, software-controlled fuses in the ezCAN will shut down the circuit and protect the bike.

You configure the ezCAN to do what you want using a piece of simple software. You can set up any one of the four outputs on the ezCAN to perform trailer lighting functions—running/tag lights, left turn, right turn and brake. If your trailer’s brake lights are combined with the turn signals, you can program the ezCAN to handle that, too. 

Yes, the ezCAN is more expensive that some other wiring solutions, including ones that I sell. But it has a number of advantages that make it worth the extra cost.

It is small. Compared to some of the other wiring kits, the ezCAN is much smaller. It is one component, housed in a weatherproof shell. It fits in much tighter spaces.

It is simple. Unlike other kits, the ezCAN requires no assembly. It connects to your bike’s computer and to the battery. You just add a plug to the end and configure the module to work the way you want.

It is flexible. You can configure the ezCAN to power the lights on any trailer and you can change the configuration if you need to tow a different trailer.

And even if it is more expensive than the other kits, it's still less than a repair bill.

Check out the videos and you’ll see just how easy this system is to set up and use. Hex Systems, the manufacturer, has an extensive website with a vast amount of support information and videos for the ezCAN. Pick your bike and you’ll find installation videos and much more.

This model works on the following BMW lines:

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Battery wires need to be longer.

Garth L Collins on Jul 1st 2022

Very professionally made product and easy to install...in general. However, on my K1600B the only viable option was to mount the ezCAN under the rear seat area, where space (volume) is very limited. Only viable there because the plug-in the the anti theft harness of the bike is critical. That left me with a dilemma because the power leads to the battery are now TOO SHORT! I decided to add length to the ground wire, but really this is ridiculous to do on this brand new piece of gear. A few more inches of wire is easy to deal with whereas too short is not. Thankfully I have the equipment and skills to solder in an extension, but it just shouldn't be this way and I should not have had to do this. HEX needs to confirm the install capability on ALL models of the K1600 and not just the GT/GTL.