This US-made trailer wiring kit powers the lights on a trailer while protecting your bike's wiring system and, on newer bikes, the engine control module. This trailer wiring kit fits the Gold Wing from 1988 to Present. Choose the plug-and-play style subharness to fit your model.

This kit is available for trailers set up with 4-wire or 5-wire lighting systems. If you aren't sure which you need, check out this video that explains the differences between the two systems.

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2005 GL1800 Wiring Harness

Lowell on May 22nd 2020

It only looked a little overwhelming when I opened the package, but take a deep breath, read the directions, and will have no issues with hooking up the harness and Isolator. Overall quality of the items purchased was excellent.

Gold Wing Trailer Wiring Harness

Dave M on Jun 15th 2019

I would have given five star's for this. But, It didn't come with the connectors or the fuse. That being said, I am very happy with it. It's working fine and doing what it was designed to do.

Gold Wing Trailer Wiring Harness

Michael Strand on Apr 8th 2019

Paragraph 10 says the adhesive tape and supplied wipe. DID NOT receive paragraph 13 use supplied black plastic split loom. DID NOT receive. Other then that, it went very smooth