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This hitch is very similar to our popular model for the 1984 to 2008 Electra Glide, but the receiver assembly is designed to fit entirely behind the fender with no chrome band as is found on most Road Kings and Road Glides built prior to the change in 2009. The receiver portion is black powdercoat instead of chrome, however, the few parts that show are still show-chrome plated. See the installation video below. The hitch featured in this video is the 15180, but the process and the final result will be about the same.

If your bike has a chrome or rubber bumper under the fender like the Electra Glide, you want to order the HD-15180 hitch.

This item ships direct from the manufacturer. Availability has varied over the past year. Sometimes it ships immediately, other times there can be a wait. If you have a specific trip planned, check with us before ordering and we’ll determine its current status.

NOTE: This hitch no longer includes the ball that you may see in pictures of the hitch or on parts lists. You can purchase a 1 7/8” ball separately, or add one to your order. Add Chrome 1 7/8” ball

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$465.00 $418.00


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