**Temporarily unavailable: SwivelSafe is a small family-owned operation and its principal owners are in the “high risk” category for complications from the coronavirus. They’ve suspended operations for a few weeks and swivels won’t be available for a little while. We’ll remove this notice when they become available again.**

A swivel hitch is designed to provide the extra range of side-to-side motion present in a motorcycle ball-and-socket coupling that does not occur in trikes and four-wheelers. A swivel offers a smoother towing experience for large or heavily loaded trailers. It also protects your bike and your trailer in case the bike happens to tip over. Without a swivel, the tongue or hitch can be twisted and damaged. With a swivel in place, you'll just need to pick up your bike, wipe the embarrassed look off your face, and ride on.

This swivel adaptor is designed to fit imported trailers like the Harbor Freight with a 2.5" wide tongue. The kit includes a swivel, spacers and a new coupler. If you aren't sure what you need, download the Swivel Hitch Worksheet (opens in new window). It will guide you on the measurements you need to take to get the right swivel.

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