Escapade uses a unique six pin plug for its trailers, and we have it. This molded plug is for the vehicle side and it is 48" overall length. Dust cap included.

Escapade trailers are all "5 wire" systems meaning they use a separate circuit for the brake lights. If you are adding this to one of our isolating trailer kits, you will want to choose the 5 wire version of that kit. This will attach to the end of the isolating kit.

The sixth wire is for the internal cargo light option. If your Escapade has an internal light, you can connect that sixth wire in one of several ways: 1) Connect it directly to the battery +12V with a fuse (preferred); 2) Connect it to the red power lead for the isolating kit or; 3) Connect it to the trailer's running light circuit. Connecting to the running light circuit will allow the internal light to operate only when the bike is on.

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