The Escapade LE model looks great behind a wide range of bikes and is popular with Harley riders who want a trailer as well built and good looking as their Hog. The Escapade features an integrated chassis design—trailer body and frame are molded together for lower center of gravity, increased rigidity and smoother airflow. Larger than average wheels makes more contact with the road and larger wheel diameter creates larger gyroscopic effect which help eliminate swaying tendencies. Tires are also standard size 4.80 x 12" wheels that can be easily replaced. Escapade trailer bodies are hand-made and custom finished at the factory. Each trailer body is painted with top-of-the-line urethane paints and clear coats with a 2-3 part paint process and 3 clear coats. 

Standard Features and Specs

  • Air shock suspension
  • 12" wheels
  • Spare tire storage area
  • Lid and body chrome trim accents
  • Gas-assisted lid props
  • Locking cargo box
  • Powdercoated tongue w/tongue stand
  • 1 7/8" coupler
  • Bike-side wiring harness
  • 246 lbs empty weight
  • 500 lbs axle rating
  • 350 lbs cargo capacity
  • 26 cubic feet
  • 70 inch body length
  • 42 inch body width
  • 15 lbs tongue weight  
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