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This isolating trailer wiring harness has components developed specifically for Indian motorcycles. Compatible models include the Roadmaster, Chief, Chieftain, Springfield, etc. This version works with trailers that have separate brake lights and turn signals (what we call "5-wire" trailers).

This video demonstrates the installation of the 5 wire kit.

Indian motorcycles operate differently from other bikes. Most bikes use a constant ground connection and vary the "hot" side of a circuit to operate the lights. Victory and Indian bikes maintain a constant hot side and switch the ground side. This kit includes a CAN-BUS module to intercept these signals and convert them so the isolating module can operate your trailer lights properly. This module is invisible to your bike, so it will not trigger any fault codes or lights.

An isolating harness is the best and safest way to electrically connect a trailer or camper to your bike. In the event that a short develops in the trailer wiring (typically in the plug area), an inline fuse in the relay package protects both the bike and trailer. Your bike's lights will remain unaffected and continue to work.  

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$169.95 $149.95


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