Let's face it, when you get to a certain point, the idea of ending a long day's ride by crawling into a tent just doesn't have the appeal it once did. In the morning, you find out just how stiff a body can get from sleeping on the ground (Answer: Very). Then there's the matter of packing up everything, stuffing it somewhere on the bike, and doing it all again at the end of the day.

The Mini Mate camper changes that.

First, you can forget the struggles you faced packing your gear. You can get rid of the tent, rain fly and poles. Fifteen cubic feet of storage space offers you plenty of room to pack your camping gear, clothing and more. A hard top with standard luggage rack gives you a spot to stow bulky items like folding chairs so they won't take up room inside. Forget about the trouble you had finding just the right spot to pitch a tent. Remember rooting around the camp site, trying to find an even patch of ground without roots, rocks or branches to clear? Roll the Mini Mate onto a spot, pop open the top, put two poles in place and you're done. Two minutes, tops.

But you'll really thank yourself in the morning. After a restful night's sleep on the Mini Mate's full-size bed, you'll find it much easier to get up and get dressed, ready for a new day's ride. The Mini Mate packs away as easily as it sets up, so while everyone else is untangling cargo nets and strapping gear down with bungee cords, you can enjoy an extra cup of coffee while you watch them pack.

Once you eliminate all the hassles, the Mini Mate will help you remember all the things you enjoy about motorcycle camping.  

The Mini Mate features

  • Fully-padded sleeping area
  • Two minute set up
  • Full size bed - 6' 6" length, 4' 6" width
  • Dressing area with 6' 5" headroom
  • Bed area convertible to sitting area
  • Optional awning creates extra 24 sq ft covered area
  • Hard top with luggage rack
  • 265 lbs empty weight
  • 900 lbs axle rating
  • 250 lbs cargo capacity
  • 15 cubic feet of interior cargo space after tent is stored
  • 60 inch body length
  • 42 inch body width
  • 20 lbs tongue weight 
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