This book is written to help motorcyclists enjoy the comfort, savings and fun that a lightweight tent camper can offer. Written by motorcycle travel author and veteran camper Dale Coyner, this book helps you understand the effects that a motorcycle camper can have on a bike’s performance, how to equip a motorcycle to handle a camper and best practices for safe towing.

But as Coyner makes clear, you don’t have to be a motorcycle traveler to enjoy a motorcycle camper. Lightweight tent campers offer a fun, freeing travel experience to anyone wanting to strike the perfect balance between comfort and convenience.

Whether you ride on two, three or four wheels, you’ll learn how to assess if motorcycle camping is a good option for you. Coyner discusses the most important construction and design methods of campers that influence factors such as how quickly and easily they can be set up.

Two full chapters detail how to evaluate camper options, what questions to ask and how to make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting. Coyner also goes into detail on the process of evaluating and buying a used camper. Good deals can be had, if you know what to look for and what to avoid.

For motorcyclists, Coyner covers the process of equipping a motorcycle with the proper hitch, explaining hitch designs and offering tips to make installation smooth and speedy. Wiring a bike for trailer lights and electric brakes is covered in its own section.

Finally, the book steps you through the process of taking your first trips with a camper and ends with a discussion of how to care for it to insure years of trouble free towing and outdoor adventure. Appendices list prominent camper manufacturers, hitch suppliers and more.

96 pages, 60 pictures/illustrations.

A text-only ebook is available by request at no charge.

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Motorcycle Campers A-Z

Chuck on Apr 29th 2024

The book was informative and helpful on this new endeavor. Covers from thinking of motorcycle camping through your first experience and more

Great book

Jacques on Nov 14th 2019

The book is very well written and contains all the information you need to know if you want to tow a trailer behind your motorcycle. It also contains links to different sites that are very useful. I recommend this book.