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About Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians 

I got the idea to write my first book just a few months after I began riding a motorcycle. Travel by bike opened up whole new vistas for me in the region I call home and I was eager to share all my new experiences. I've published a lot of work since then, but this book, Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians, remains my favorite.

This edition of Journeys offers more than thirty great day rides throughout the central and southern Appalachian regions, from southern and central Pennsylvania, down through Maryland, Virgina and West Virginia, and into North Carolina, Tennesse, Kentucky and Ohio.

Through the research I did for this book, I gained a whole new appreciation for the history and culture of Appalachian people. And I shed a few myths as well. This title opened my eyes to the vast beauty and great riding to be found in West Virginia. And even more surprising was what awaited me in southeastern Ohio. I've often heard that the region was a best kept secret in the riding community, and I have to agree!

The bottom line is this - if you're planning a trip to Skyline or the Blue Ridge or anywhere in the mid-Atlantic, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book to get some great ideas. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

To see more about what's contained in the book, check out the preview images below. Click on each one to see them in full size. The book is 320 pages with 250 color pictures.

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What Others Are Saying About Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians

I just finished a ride of a little over 1000 miles from my home in NJ to and through WV and VA. I used this book to guide me on some really terrific roads and through some truly beautiful areas. This was the first long, extended ride I've ever taken and it was in large measure due to the "encouragement" expressed through this well written resource. If you're thinking of traveling through the Appalachians then I would recommend that you purchase and pour through this well written book before you go. B. Burns

I worked in the motorcycle industry for over 10 years as a service manager and still ride with all my old co-workers. We thought we knew all the best roads in our neck of the woods but we were wrong. We pick a route, get into the middle of nowhere and then get lost. This book has filled in the blanks for us. A must have if you're a real rider. Jason Cummings

I just got back from a near-1000 mile trip through the Appalachians. I used this book to guide me through some thoroughly fascinating and beautiful areas -- the author, Dale Coyner, has create a terrific resource! I am not exaggerating when I say that VA Route 39 has changed my view of the eastern United States (I lived in the West -- Alaska, Utah, and Arizona -- until 2000). I'm sure I won't be the first, but I've set a goal to do all 36 rides in the book. T. Setzer

Dale Coyner has done an excellent job picking some of the best motorcycle roads in the eastern United States, illustrating them with mouth watering photography, and weaving them together with local sights and color. Doing this yourself would take weeks of research, with doubtful results. When it comes to instant motorcycle gratification, this is the book to get. An Amazon Customer

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