This US-made trailer wiring kit powers the lights on a trailer while protecting your bike's wiring system and, on newer bikes, the engine control module. 

Most 2014+ Harley touring bikes will use the standard 2014+ Harley trailer wiring kit. These models have two red turn signals on the rear that also function as brake.

There are some 2014+ models that are an exception (of course). 2014-15 Harley CVOs have amber rear turn signals and separate red brake. Many models of 2014+ Road King have the amber/red signals. Bikes built for international markets also may have amber turns and a separate brake on the rear.

If you aren't sure which kit you need, just ask and we'll be happy to help you figure it out. All bikes 2014+, regardless of rear light configuration can use the ezCAN for Harley.

This kit is available for trailers set up with 4-wire or 5-wire lighting systems. If you aren't sure which you need, check out this video that explains the differences between the two systems.

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